God of War PSP Cheats

God of War PSP Cheats

Where to Enter the Cheats;

You Need to enter the codes either in the main menu or in paused game play.

Cheat Codes

To Unlock All Costumes

You Need to Go to the Main Menu and press, Triangle, R1, R2, Circle, Square, X.

To Unlock Infinite Magic

You need to pause the game and hold R1, L1 then press Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, X, Triangle.

To Unlock Everything

You Need to press Circle, X, Up, Down, Right, Left, Up, Down whilst your in the game. 

To Unlock Unlimted Power & Health:

You need to Pause the game and press: L, L, R, R, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, X, X.


One Response

  1. the cheats for “PSP” god of war are fake!
    look closley at the cheats and you will see that
    they say to use the R2 button. R2?
    There is NO R2 button on the PSP. Also, any
    cheat that says to pause first and then at one point
    or another use the “O” button, Wont work because
    the “O” button unpauses . Thanks anyways.

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