Welcome to PSP Cheats

Welcome to psp cheats…

 ….a huge on-line database of hundreds of psp cheats for all you gamers! We have got nearly every psp cheat for every psp game on our brilliant site here. So do yourself a favour and find the one for the game your stuck on! We have got demos ranging from all sorts of categories and all sorts of games. It will be very rare for you to not find the cheat your after. If the for odd time you don’t find the right cheat for you please leave us a comment on one of our cheat pages so we can find the cheat for you then post it on our site. Ok so to find a cheat on our site you have got 3 options. You can use our search bar in the top right hand corner of every page to search for a cheat. You can use the alphabetical ordering of cheats on the left hand side of the page. Or for the off chance you can use the recently submitted cheats on the right hand side of this page! Hope you have fun on our site and remember to spread the word about our great site.